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Happy Father day 

To all fathers, enjoy it, today is your day.
But then every day is father's day.
Hugs to you all. 


1:38pm June 16 2014snowbird said: (reply to comment #165557) 
That's the spirit. I too sent a mental one to my dad & went to visit him at the cimetary.
2:54pm June 16 2014soumen369 said:  
Rosey in India we don't have Father's Day,however,this is a very beautiful shot,as you captioned to all fathers,including myself !!!!
7:41pm June 16 2014snowbird said: (reply to comment #165568) 
Soumen we say "Each country & population" have their occurances, some are global others not.
But a hug or a taught is always appreciated to the person who receives it.
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