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Oh to be young again!!!:-)) 


8:25am April 1 2018skybird said:  
Those were the days.......
1:34pm April 1 2018soumen369 said:  
Was you in military Geoff ? Nice to meet you though in your younger days.
2:07pm April 1 2018skybird said:  
Thank you Soumen!!!!!......Like a lot of youngsters at that time I was called up to do 3years service in the army.(.as we was at war with Germany)..where I became a despatch rider......
3:21am April 7 2018snowbird said:  
Geoff, you were a great looking young man who answered it's country's call.
11:28am April 7 2018skybird said: (reply to comment #186979) 
Thank you I have now reached the age of 90, I consider myself lucky to still have my good wife and my memories....and of course FOTONOMY....(.keeps my mind active )
7:39pm April 7 2018snowbird said: (reply to comment #186982) 
I applaude you Geoff for the 90 springs young and your sharpness in what you show us with the skies views. Boy would I love to be a little near you to pick at your memories of good and not so good times. I enjoy listening to people like you who have a great baggage of life and "joy de vivre". Keep it up for all of us youngsters (I'm well even the not so young (70 yr in my case)).
10:35am April 8 2018skybird said:  
Thank you for your reply SN...old age catches up with us all eventually ( no choice) I'm having problems with short term memory loss at the moment...but keep plodding on and making the most of things we like...70 years old is just a memory with me....have fun!!!:-)).......Geoff..
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