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Duomo of Milano 

Italy, Milan, June 1967 


11:12pm March 26 2007abojovna said:  
So nice old archive shot of Duomo !!! I visited Milano in 1964.65,97 - my cognate!
6:31am March 27 2007senna3 said:  
Thank you Abojnova for your visit!
6:55pm March 27 2007senna3 said: (reply to comment #25442) 
Thank you Abojnova for your visit!
4:22pm March 2 2008Tom33 said:  
You have captured the vastness and beautify of this old cathedral.
Did you climb to the top?
9:02pm March 30 2009LizSA said:  
Italy seem to be the place with the most amazing buildings/architecture..

what a fantstic colour you got here on the towers...Senna
7:26am March 31 2009senna3 said: (reply to comment #70986) 
Thanks for the comment Liz.
Yes Italy is great, one use open-air museum! This photo is not of high quality because it is from 1967 and scanned from a negative. But it still shows the grandeur of the Duomo of Milano!
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