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Coneflower feast 



4:57am August 3 2007Raynekyst said:  
5:11am August 3 2007Esengo said:  
11:40pm August 3 2007yellville said:  
Did you ps that background? The black really kicks this shot up great
5:03am August 4 2007Poulet said:  
Wonderful lght, Mick!
1:59pm August 4 2007mick said: (reply to comment #39998) 
No shopping. The subject was right on the edge of deep shadow. Exposing for the butterfly just sent the background black...... That is the explaination but it was dumb luck that I got it...... Next post is another dumb luck that is just the opposite effect. Shot lots and you gotta stumble over a keeper....
3:17pm August 4 2007CeterusParibus said:  
really is a super shot!
9:00pm August 4 2007Snappa2 said:  
Lovely shot. My Cone flowers are still tight buds...
1:13am August 5 2007SGKrebs said:  
I like how one wing is at a different angle from the other.
5:54am August 7 2007mavz said:  
Superb shot!!!
12:41pm August 7 2007ashdad said:  
10:11pm September 26 2007YearOfTheCat said:  
Wow, beautiful!
7:50am October 21 2007Domesticfix said:  
Very nice :)
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