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7:00pm November 1 2007CelticClicks said:  
nice you take down that other one where you are bashing all my FT friends! or did you get your little wrist slapped by management?

what exactly is your motivation...... oh and lisasam67 btw.... i don't sneak around... i'll say it like it is and under my name so there's no question
7:07pm November 1 2007CelticClicks said:  
ok would you please like to tell me why my picture was used on your little picture rant on FT

i don't recall getting involved in your little fights as Lasmini and OnONLINE and whatever other several usernames you had over there before they kicked you off...... 'cause for your information Eggy doesn't really talk to me about anything..... i doubt he even knows i exist
7:12pm November 1 2007genese said:  
was too late anyway, i saved the web page ;) whoops not so clever now
7:13pm November 1 2007dom said: (reply to comment #45564) 
I removed the picture.
7:18pm November 1 2007EliseNL said:  
7:22pm November 1 2007CelticClicks said: (reply to comment #45567) 
Thank you Dom! I hadn't realized I had done anything to this person to warrent my picture being stolen and used on it! WTF
7:24pm November 1 2007genese said: (reply to comment #45567) 
thanks dom your an angel! we just need a huge photoshop eraser for this idiot!
12:15am November 2 2007stuboy said:  
Oh dear, seems that you are upsetting people everywhere you show your ugly little face !

When will you ever learn that you aren't the great person you think you are ?
5:43am November 7 2007CelticClicks said: (reply to comment #45594) 
cat's got his tongue stu ;-)
10:10pm November 18 2007abojovna said:  
Great! I find you on FT!
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