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How do I upload?

Log in and click the upload link at the top of the page!

How do I edit my titles and captions?

When viewing your own photos, you can click on the title or caption to edit it within the page.

How do I delete a photo?

Click the 'Delete this photo' button on the details pane to the right of your photo.

Can I upload funny pics I found on the web?


You should only upload your own photos. Fotonomy is designed for photographers of all levels. All photos should be your own.

Can I use the photos on this site for...?

No. The copyright on all photos remains with the photographer. By uploading to the site, the photographer agrees to allow Fotonomy to publish their photos in context on the site.

Fotonomy will not use photos on the site for any other purpose without prior written permission.

Viewers of the site are not permitted to copy or distribute photos in any form without prior written consent from the photographer.

Does Fotonomy offer RSS feeds?

Yes, we currently have three kinds of RSS feeds - one for your photos, one for your friends' photos and one for your comments:
username's photos
username's friends' photos
Comments on username's photos

Will Fotonomy work with my browser?

Fotonomy requires a modern browser such as Firefox (PC, Mac, Unix), Internet Explorer 6/7 (PC) or Safari (Mac) with Javascript and cookies enabled. Fotonomy may not work correctly on older browsers.