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no fear of heights 



5:20pm June 18 2010SGKrebs said:  
does the kitty ever jump on you from up there?
11:24pm June 18 2010frann said: (reply to comment #96424) 
No, this is on the second floor and I've never seen her jump that far down. Not that she wouldn't or she hasn't done it while I wasn't around...
2:57am June 25 2010BrainPain said:  
Fantastic posture she has. I bet she does a lot of things when your not looking or around. My cat had been known to jump from some astounding heights and a few other crazy things.
11:29am June 25 2010frann said: (reply to comment #96973) 
Yes, she can jump 5 feet high and hang off a window screen. Unfortunately, she's never stayed there long enough for me to get a shot of it.
3:22pm July 1 201093illusions said:  
great ! ;)
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