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Version 1.2 

Another set of updates and Fotonomy has reached the lofty heights of version 1.2. Woo! That probably doesn't mean much to you, so here's a list of some of the things that have changed.

* A new look with cleaner, simpler graphics and a new logo. Blue is the new green.

* Facebook and Twitter sharing - just click on the buttons next to any photo.

* integration - every photo now has it's own short URL for sharing.

* Enlarged photoreel. You can now see 12 thumbnails at a time rather than 10.

* IPTC metadata autodetection. Upload a photo that already has an embedded title, caption or tags, and Fotonomy will use them - unless you override them manually.

* A simpler mechanism for adding and removing friends - just click on the button next to their name in the page heading.

* Account deletion. If you get tired of Fotonomy, you can now delete your own account from the settings page. But don't do that!

* Loads of minor tweaks and bug fixes.

As ever, new updates sometimes result in bugs cropping up, so let me know if you find anything out of the ordinary - or if you have suggestions for the next version! 


1:25pm February 18 2010sylvia said:  
1:36pm February 18 2010Peter said:  
Nice. IPTC stuff will be tested soon!
1:39pm February 18 2010dom said: (reply to comment #90492) 
Great, that means I don't have to look at that picture of myself any more. :)
2:39pm February 18 2010frann said:  
Thanks, Dom!
4:24pm February 18 2010Peter said:  
Ha ha!
11:01pm February 19 2010snowbird said:  
Thanks Dom you are doing a great job ! Keep it up.
11:18pm February 19 2010dom said:  
Now with brand new home page! I've changed it to feature one great photo.. if you're logged in, you'll still see all the recent/interesting/new photos too. Non-logged-in people see some nice text asking them to join us. Because we're nice.
2:35pm February 20 2010SteveM said:  
Looks great. The pop-ups (e.g., to delete a comment) don't seem to work for me in Firefox on Windows XP...
3:36pm February 20 2010dom said: (reply to comment #90550) 
Interesting - it all works for me in Firefox on the Mac. There is one bug where if you post a comment and immediately try to delete it (without reloading the page), it doesn't work, but I can't duplicate the problem you're having. Have you tried a shift+reload? Restarting the browser?
12:51am February 21 2010DGM said:  
12:35pm February 22 2010dom said:  
You can now also get email notifications to replies to your comments (as well as private messages and comments on your photos). Just turn it on in the settings page if you want to.
11:09pm February 24 2010DGM said: (reply to comment #90616) 
Just changed my settings.:D Nice!!
3:59am March 24 2010Wildspirit said: (reply to comment #90530) 
2:30pm May 6 2010Daughterson said:  
The changes sound great -- could this new program be responsible for my three pictures of earth and clouds shot from a plane disappearing. I do not remember deleting them. I mention it only to help not to criticize -- I can't explain it.
9:20pm August 4 2010Cadellac said:  
Great, I really like this site and have a suggestion about how to make it better. How about adding a slideshow option? It would be a simpler way to view pictures.
4:12am August 22 2010Jadeonpax said:  
Hi, how bout making an option where the users can start there on challenges and the winner can will be featured in the home page? is it possible?thanks...
9:17am October 2 2010beady said:  
This is an Awesome site to be on..... I recommend this site to all people looking to join a photography site. I come across no problems with this site unlike other sites I am on, have marry problems each time I go on them..... Many thanks to Dom for a great Photography site.
4:05am April 28 2011p0rph said:  
I for one appreciate a lot and promise you i'll never get tired of you.
12:49am March 14 2012Balsamo2009 said:  
IIIIIIIIIIII'm backkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8:57pm December 25 2012TONYBBAD said:  
2:51pm April 3 2014larrybenedict said:  
There seems to be more and more SPAM. Wish there was a way to eliminate it.
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