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Experimenting with still photos on my new video camera. Not Bad. 


8:20pm November 16 2008frann said:  
You got an HD camcorder? I'm jealous!
9:59pm November 16 2008dom said: (reply to comment #63619) 
Yes - its primary purpose is to film chocolate though. :)
3:42am November 17 2008ashdad said:  
Impressive for a camcorder.
5:36am November 17 2008tony said: (reply to comment #63620) 
A camcorder for chocolate? I wasn't aware that it moved around much (on its own). You could use it to do animation with pieces of chocolate, I suppose.
12:08pm November 17 2008dom said: (reply to comment #63633) 
Chocolate moves very fast around here.
10:44am November 19 2008crunch61 said:  
Very impressive for a camcorder - chocolate doesn't stand a chance in this house either!!
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