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Ol' Blue Eyes 



11:57am June 1 2010SaoPaulo said:  
12:28pm June 3 201093illusions said:  
he's looking so sharp !
8:13pm June 8 2010SGKrebs said:  
I didn't know cats could have eyes that color!
8:53pm June 8 2010sylvia said: (reply to comment #95718) 
He appears to have a touch of siamese in him.
1:13am August 20 2010Jaze said:  
Nice shot!
9:21am September 17 2010Jadeonpax said:  
Very nice capture, very cool in the eyes and it seems the cats really strikes a pose for you...
4:07pm September 20 2010sylvia said: (reply to comment #102829) 
Thanks. He does seem to like having his photo taken. :D
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