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In the morning 



3:47am April 4 2009ashdad said:  
What a beautiful reflection!
6:08am April 4 2009pkblues said:  
This is gorgeous Poulet !!!
7:10am April 4 2009Arik said:  
fabulous photo
10:34am April 4 2009visuallyadaptive said:  
wow, i would love to see that!
great photo
2:27pm April 4 2009Raynekyst said:  
2:59pm April 4 2009yvon said:  
Hay Poulet!! a fav shot for me
7:37pm April 4 2009senna3 said:  
Fabulous photo, a favourite!
9:01pm April 4 2009lynnj04 said:  
Wow this is gorgeous :-))
9:35pm April 4 2009snowbird said:  
Marvelous shot the types that I love to snap as well.
5:41am April 18 2009Wildspirit said:  
Fantastic, Poulet!! Favorite!
1:18am April 19 2009beady said:  
wow.... very nice
12:22pm April 26 2009lizzyw said:  
Brilliant shot!
12:35pm April 26 2009Peterw said:  
I agree! A favourite!
12:47am May 4 2009Daughterson said:  
I love the sun reflected in the water, fabulous composition. Just beautiful.
5:47am May 24 2009crimsontusker said:  
9:33pm June 14 2009Tom33 said:  
a most cheering mood to share - very well done
8:08pm August 5 2009Wildspirit said:  
First glance = FAVE!!! Great shot, Poulet!!
1:24am August 25 2009jingles542 said:  
very good composition and all
7:41pm September 20 2009qwezter said:  
9:09pm October 26 2009liselotte said:  
wow....this is so very good!
2:19pm November 3 2009Minz said:  
Fabulous shot !
2:03pm November 19 2009JustAnn said:  
Great shot! That is beautiful.
3:21pm January 28 2010Tom33 said:  
a wonderful piece of art
3:20pm February 19 2010sylvia said:  
3:59pm February 20 2010ManiacMom said:  
7:47am June 10 2010davidschuley said:  
Wonderous! Rich color, beautiful composition!
7:21am May 3 2011p0rph said:  
Poulet sure is PRO
9:39pm September 20 2012mellie said:  
This is so beautiful ... going right to my fav's.
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