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... typical, why is the itch always out of reach?! 


6:21pm January 5 2008abojovna said:  
Realy nice and good photo!
6:23pm January 5 2008sylvia said:  
This is great!
6:27pm January 5 2008abojovna said:  
Nice your blog! I undersand bad English, but I can read this with big interest!
1:25am January 6 2008ohhahhwho said:  
Humor results when society says you can't scratch certain things in public even though they itch in public.
8:04pm January 6 2008Lowryn said:  
Love it!
10:07pm January 6 2008ashdad said:  
8:55pm January 7 2008SGKrebs said:  
I wonder if it knows to roll over and scratch against the rocks?
9:37am January 8 2008Pewari said:  
Thank you all for your kind comments :)

abojovna: glad you're enjoying my ramblings on my blog too...

SGKrebs: Probably, but that would have involved waaaaay too much effort ;)
3:57pm January 10 2008Tom33 said:  
that's what friends are for
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