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Transportation: jeep 


4:02pm June 2 2008Haw59 said:  
That is a great entry. A winner in my book.
11:20pm June 2 2008sylvia said:  
Wow, I love everything about this. Really wonderful.
10:17pm June 10 2008abojovna said:  
Looks like the teknival "queen" ! Love it! Beautiful entry, good luck!
7:48pm June 30 2008challenge said:  
Congratulations on being our June Challenge RUNNER UP!
11:38pm June 30 2008DGM said: (reply to comment #57255) 
Thank you!!!!!!!
11:32pm July 17 2008Victor said:  
I like the idea of the featured photo...
5:28am July 19 2008snowbird said:  
It is impressive and very original !!!
1:35pm July 28 2008Daughterson said:  
Great composition -- and poetic.
2:24pm August 16 2008zanegol said:  
This is unique!!! Truly deserves the feature
3:42pm August 16 2008Tom33 said:  
ah - the venerable jeepney
9:50am May 21 2009beady said:  
way cool...... great find
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