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1:50pm November 11 2013snowbird said:  
A fav. on my part.
2:02pm November 11 2013soumen369 said:  
Great closeup,must be seen in full !!!!!
2:13am November 21 2013Coyote said: (reply to comment #159572) 
You're right! Hahaha!
11:31pm June 11 2014KathyinMinn said:  
You sure are good at getting fantastic macro shots!! My hat's off to you! :-)
6:40pm June 13 2014Coyote said: (reply to comment #165341) 
Thanks, Kathy! I've been in love with macro photography for 10+ years. It's like finding another universe right in plain sight :-) Thanks for all your other comments, too. Much appreciated!
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