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Here's Looking At You Kid 



3:15am November 4 2007molly said:  
It's begging for a speech bubble! It's mouth looks open and ready to talk and everything. Perfection! (Maybe it's my exhaustion, but I'm picturing a very Groucho Marx-like quality to him...)
6:41am November 4 2007CelticClicks said: (reply to comment #45810) 
LOL... thx Molly! I'd just saved him from getting rolled over by the big log the kids were balancing on!... i think he was saying thank you ;-)
12:04am November 5 2007CelticClicks said: (reply to comment #45862) 
9:34pm November 6 2007snowbird said:  
Good thing he is only behind my screen otherwise I would have screamed blue-murder...
Excellent shot you have here!
12:32am November 7 2007CelticClicks said: (reply to comment #46071) 
:-) he was sitting on my hand! :-)
1:14am November 7 2007jenylew said:  
This is one of your best - I remember it! :-) Pfft no point in puttin my bee in, this one's got it in the bag!!!!!
3:50am November 8 2007Shariisablonde said:  
Yup..jen's right,,, this is a good one:-))
4:03am November 9 2007CelticClicks said: (reply to comment #46251) 
5:54am November 9 2007Haw59 said:  
Up close and personal.
1:43am November 30 2007PennyLane said:  
praying mantis? excellent capture!
12:18pm November 30 2007challenge said:  
Congratulations on being one of our November Challenge's RUNNERS UP!
11:05am October 2 2010beady said:  
wow, this is awesome
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