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Soap Anyone! 

Computer problems kept me off for a while, all fixed!

Best seen larger

And yes, the color of the soap really is like the photo. 


6:42pm July 21 2016snowbird said:  
Glad to see all is "A" OK.
what color is she foam from these soaps and do they have a ice creams smell.
3:16am July 22 2016BrainPain said: (reply to comment #183906) 
That's a good question! That would be really cool if the foam was the color of the soap object, I don't know what they are supposed to be but the look like UFO'S or the planet Saturn.
4:25pm July 22 2016SGKrebs said:  
is anyone worried that they are the same color and shape of those macarons every bakery sells?
5:16pm July 25 2016snowbird said: (reply to comment #183918) 
SG guess soap never killed anyone or so I believe!
5:16pm July 25 2016snowbird said: (reply to comment #183918) 
BP a little storm brewing, please read my message here:
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