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8:51pm November 10 2011Balsamo2009 said:  
When I was 19, my biggest concern was saving up to buy some trendy clothesso I could get off with the totty at the west end discos. This is called second generation survivor guilt.
10:07pm November 10 2011Balsamo2009 said: (reply to comment #128299) 
I was the same mate, I grew up by 14, acted like I was forty, seeing that headstone was a bit of a jolt
7:00pm November 12 2011rockinrobin21 said:  
very sad makes you think
4:03pm November 21 2011Balsamo2009 said: (reply to comment #128468) 
I can't read all of it myself cos of the little cross
8:40pm November 22 2011puddin said:  
"these children of yesterday look down with other eyes Man's folly was not there's .".............. and can't see rest for the cross :)
8:40pm November 22 2011puddin said:  
their's even not theres
3:34pm November 25 2011Balsamo2009 said: (reply to comment #128520) 
there is a wonderful restaurant there so I will certainly return soon as I get a spare hour :))
1:28pm January 2 2012Ettie said:  
It's from this:

Youth in the Skies by Herbert Ashley Asquith

These who were children yesterday
Now move in lovely flight,
Swift-glancing as the shooting stars
That cleave the summer night;

A moment flashed, they came and went,
Horizons rise and fall,
The speed of valour lifts them up
And strength obeys their call.

The downs below are breathing peace
With thyme and butterflies,
And sheep at pasture in the shade-
And now from English skies

These who were children yesterday
Look down with other eyes;
Man%u2019s desperate folly was not theirs
But theirs the sacrifice.

Old men may wage a war of words,
Another race are these,
Who flash to glory dawn and night
Above the starry seas.
11:08pm March 13 2012Balsamo2009 said: (reply to comment #129389) 
thanks matey
12:43pm March 23 2012snowbird said:  
I have not seen this before today, but these headstones are in all cities and at least 3 o 4 times a year I like to just wonder and look and try to think the reasons why these poor children had to die. At 19, I was starting my first office job & was petrified, I can just feel what these young ones felt facing the horror of war.....
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