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Decision is made.jpg  

The decision is made...Yellville wins

Crvs. is unmasked  


10:00pm April 18 2006Cedar9 said:  
:) great
10:11pm April 18 2006Lieke said:  
oh my...fantastic this
11:23pm April 18 2006karen said:  
you know it's the first sign of insanity....?

11:53pm April 18 2006Fawn said:  
(both are great)
12:52am April 19 2006PennyLane said:  
at last he crawls out from beneath the shadows. you look just as i had imagined :-)
3:51am April 19 2006PennyLane said:  
which one is the evil twin?
3:52am April 19 2006artyfactory said:  
great lighting

7:17am April 19 2006ohhahhwho said:  
Odd . . . I always pictured you with more curves :)
7:54am April 19 2006Pinko said:  

..I respect both of them!:)..
9:46am April 19 2006Lowryn said:  
Was it a "split" decision?
10:50am April 19 2006yellville said: (reply to comment #1013) 
Pen.....The one behind the counter
6:11pm April 19 2006kosmos said:  
Nice to have someone to talk to :)
5:28am April 20 2006ashdad said:  
Looks like an animated discussion! Good to see you in full face--well, actually double face.
5:56am April 21 2006PhotoPro said:  
would this be two-faced? :)
12:30pm April 21 2006Sheila said:  
About bl**dy time we saw you!!
1:02pm April 22 2006grenthal said:  
beautiful atmosphere!
2:49am April 26 2006Chubster said:  
hairy mofo aincha?
7:38pm April 28 2006Riet said:  
Two sides of one man..........Beautiful photo!
7:29am May 30 2006Moods said:  
having fun with scissors,paper ,stone? ..Good one !
3:56am February 18 2008pueo said:  
I missed this one the first time around. Good to see you C. Both sides.

btw- haven't posted in a while eh?
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