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shaky hands 

Hi guy's, this is why I HAVE to use a tripod.........

Site looks great doesn't it!!!!! 


4:26am September 6 2008ashdad said:  
8:18pm September 8 2008SGKrebs said:  
you've got a serious firefly problem!
6:59am September 9 2008ohhahhwho said:  
I thought this was the results of your last EEG...
9:28pm September 9 2008BrainPain said:  
Just as long as it doesn't affect your creativity, from the looks of it, your creativity is still intact.
Love it!
2:56am September 10 2008DGM said:  
Lessen your coffee
7:34am September 10 2008Marvin said:  
If I squint, I can almost make out the hidden message.
8:51pm September 14 2008Lowryn said:  
Uhh, looks like "Yellville rules!"
7:35pm January 7 2009charlotte said:  
miss you!
3:55am March 28 2009ashdad said:  
Farewell old friend.

I will miss you.
2:53am March 29 2009Haw59 said:  
I will always miss you.
7:54am March 29 2009pkblues said:  
Will miss you my friend .
9:49am March 29 2009Pinko said:  

..bye Cory ..
3:00am April 4 2009Poulet said:  
Farewell Curves.
I will always miss you.......
11:19pm April 26 2009Deanbed said:  
Never met you, but great work andI have missed a nice person by the sounds of things.
1:36pm August 27 2009snowbird said:  
Salut mon ami, on manquera tes travaux et moi ton inspiration. Farewell my friend.
7:19am October 11 2010DGM said:  
Missing you dear friend!!
3:06am July 4 2015DGM said:  
It is now 2015. Missing you my friend. RIP.
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