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Now now they brought me over the River to exercise on the Brooklyn bridge where the wind was stroooooonggggggggg. I could not wait for the moment that that walk was finished...
More shots to come, now I'm still trying to warm up from my escapade weekend to N.Y. city. 


8:22am November 25 2014justme said:  
WOW --That`s a great shot - to cold for me - lol
9:19am November 25 2014skybird said:  
a lovely perspective shot snowbird..hope you missed all that snow!:-))
1:39pm November 25 2014soumen369 said:  
Superb perspective !!!!
8:16pm November 25 2014snowbird said: (reply to comment #169016) 
SKB the snow was way west of New York city. It was humid and cold in NY but I did not see snow from Albany going down. And then I'm bracing myself for the snow that we get here in Quebec.
8:16pm November 25 2014snowbird said: (reply to comment #169019) 
Thanks Soumen.
8:18pm November 25 2014snowbird said: (reply to comment #169012) 
Cold JM is hard to take but the heat is just as bad, oh well I guess we are never satisfied!
thanks for your visit.
4:32pm November 26 2014BrainPain said:  
Great shot. You are right about the hot & cold thing but I hear San Francisco has just the right temp. year round.
3:03am November 29 2014snowbird said: (reply to comment #169050) 
BP I can say that you are right about San Francisco, it's a lovely city and their temperature is just perfect 99.9% of times.
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