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Our future... 

Having problem with pc, take this chance to wish you Soument, Geoff, ER and all who still come here for a "Happy Holidays" and all the best for OUR future.


8:13pm December 16 2016skybird said:  
thanks for the shot and best wishes snowbird..likewise to you and yours!!....also hoping you soon get pc sorted... have a great time!!:-))....Geoff..
12:03pm December 18 2016soumen369 said:  
WOW !!! What a creation Rosey but how did you do it through laptop? Like Geoff I too hope that your pc will become problem free by this time.Best wishes to you and your family for "Happy Holidays".
4:21am December 29 2016snowbird said: (reply to comment #184447) 
Finaly got my pc back today.
Hope you had a great Xmas and a few presents.
As you can see mine was to get my pc back, I really don't like laptop...
4:22am December 29 2016snowbird said: (reply to comment #184448) 
Thank you Soumen, I got back my beloved pc back & this is the best present I could have got for Xmas. ohhhhhhh those laptop, I can't ever get used to it.
1:30pm December 29 2016soumen369 said: (reply to comment #184465) 
Rosey I'm also very much conversent with my pc,tried my son's laptop but feels very much uneasy.
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