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I wished for a spin .... 

This F1 orginal car on display last evening, was an attraction, shhhhhhhhhh
don't say nothing I tried to bribe the police man to let me have a spin around the parking lot, mmmmmm he was going to call the "mental wagon" so they would let me have a spin!

jokes apart this is the original F1 car that belonged to Gilles Villeneuve. Better appreciated in full size. 


6:51pm June 12 2014SGKrebs said:  
those cars are so small. I'd be terrified to ride in one going so fast
8:17pm June 13 2014snowbird said: (reply to comment #165365) 
I agree SG but boy would I love to take just a spin around the block....
maybe in my next life ...
11:27pm June 13 2014rockinrobin21 said:  
my son would love a go in it too, we went to a car show n he loved it
10:11am June 14 2014skybird said:  
that sure is some hotrod snowbird..lovely catch!..
7:56pm June 19 2014TONYBBAD said:  
Nice car but sadly 2 small 4 me nice shot SB
9:31pm June 19 2014snowbird said: (reply to comment #165939) 
Tony, my son is 1.97 m tall & he managed to get in .
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