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Crescent moon 

A very cold early evening gave us this crescent to admire tonight. That white spot is some star, even if it did not come out too clear I left it in. Have all a happy saturday everyone. 


12:36pm February 21 2015skybird said:  
a lovely evening moon shot snowbird ..well captured..
2:11pm February 21 2015soumen369 said:  
Beauty one !!!!
3:07pm February 21 2015senna3 said:  
Splendid night shot!
3:26pm February 21 2015SGKrebs said:  
really nice. the star looks like it is shining through the cloud
3:43pm February 21 2015TONYBBAD said:  
And they were canopied by the blue sky,
So cloudless, clear, and purely beautiful,
That God alone was to be seen in Heaven.
Keeping an eye on that beautiful half moon Great shot SB
7:02pm February 27 2015Fotoloekb said:  
What a very nice night-sky picture.
The white spot left is probably planet Venus!
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