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Bird's best meal 

Tiny birds come and pick the seeds from this flower. But I'm never ready with my camera when it happens!
Again no ps & better viewing in full size. 


3:52pm June 24 2014soumen369 said:  
Yes beauty in original view but can see also some web surrounding it and the bud behind !!!!
2:32pm June 25 2014SGKrebs said:  
little birds never stay still
2:52pm June 25 2014snowbird said: (reply to comment #166105) 
Thanks Soumen
2:53pm June 25 2014snowbird said: (reply to comment #166121) 
Absolutely right SGK the young ones are always full of energy
11:21am June 26 2014skybird said:  
waiting for the birds!!:-))..nice one snowbird..
5:32pm June 27 2014TONYBBAD said:  

But Hopes are Shy Birds flying at a great distance seldom reached by the best of the Photographer and what a beauty you have presented to them. well done SB.
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