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Daily walk 

It snows,
it get's cloudy,
it's fairly cool,
It's gloomy


Out I have to go
for a daily walk
to re-charge my
corporal and mental

Have a great day all.  


12:46pm February 13 2015senna3 said:  
In such a nice winter scenerie it should be a pleasure to have your daily walk Rosey!
6:34pm February 13 2015TONYBBAD said:  
Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. Very nice SB
6:51pm February 13 2015snowbird said: (reply to comment #171961) 
Absolutely Peter and I really try to be faithful for my walks.
6:55pm February 13 2015snowbird said: (reply to comment #171973) 
Thanks Tony
"on a virgin field
where no humans
or animals have
traced a path,
I shall be the first to
trace a way to enjoy
so no one needs
to struggle or fall in
good or bad times..."
7:07pm February 13 2015BrainPain said:  
Great Shot! and I bet on those walks you get to see a lot more than what you photograph. Nice subtle effect here.
8:16pm February 13 2015skybird said:  
I hope you charged my corperals and mentals while you was at it snowbird:-))) (they need it):-))
a lovely wintery scene though..great.
3:47am February 14 2015snowbird said: (reply to comment #171984) 
BP thanks and yes on these walks I see lot's more, at times good things other times less. For sure I can't publish all what I have, two full portable hard drive only of photos.
3:49am February 14 2015snowbird said: (reply to comment #171997) 
SKB Thank you.
In winter I believe we all need a little boost, so what's better than grabbing you camera and just go out to search peace,quietness and ideas.
2:33pm February 14 2015SGKrebs said:  
sign, I'd love to have a daily walk in this. In NYC, the snow piles look like they are covered in coal dust....
7:29pm February 14 2015snowbird said: (reply to comment #172015) 
SG all big cities the day after a snowfall looks like a coal mine.
But surely while it's snowing or if you at Central Park it must be magical for a walk.
6:37am February 15 2015gafaway said:  
Awesome winter landscape!
3:25am February 17 2015snowbird said: (reply to comment #172056) 
Thanks Gafaway.
9:34pm February 17 2015rockinrobin21 said:  
lovely winter scene reminds me of christmas again
2:18am February 19 2015snowbird said: (reply to comment #172170) 
Thanks RR and it sure does look like a christmas image.
2:19am February 19 2015snowbird said: (reply to comment #172214) 
Thank TB, more snow is on the way so maybe another winter shot for me.
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