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Watch the sunburn 

Deep freezing, icy storms, mountains & mountains of snow, here comes some balmy days. So guess they were saying to watch out for sunburns or meltdowns. 


12:17pm February 9 2018soumen369 said:  
Lovely snowmen Rosey,hope you have some warm weather recently !!!!
5:29pm February 9 2018snowbird said: (reply to comment #186713) 
Soumen the deep freeze I believe are almost over for this season, but snow and cold are still around for another 4 to 6 weeks, then slowly it starts to go over the 0 degrees C.
Thank you and have a great weekend.
8:03pm February 10 2018skybird said:  
A lovely shot SN.....great.......
7:42pm February 11 2018snowbird said: (reply to comment #186720) 
Thanks SK.
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