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Black cloud 

With fire forests all around us I found this cloud that is full of smoke and has two faces...



3:15pm August 3 2017skybird said:  
That sure is a black one SN..(.with faces)....hope it wasn't too dangerous.......
2:41am August 4 2017snowbird said: (reply to comment #185930) 
SK it was a flash intensive downpour that lasted 5 min. with hail the size of golf balls.
3:56pm August 6 2017Tinkerbell said:  
Wow Rosey!!! Never seen a cloud soooo black!!! We had a very bad hail storm a few years ago. The hail were also the size of golf balls and many cars had the windows smashed with them and all the bodywork dinted!!! Including mine. I took a photo just before that storm.....I'll see if I can find it!!
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