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Touch of color 

In a sea of white a hint of colors... 


2:01pm December 14 2014senna3 said:  
True winter feeling!
In the Netherlands we got (and will get) a lot of rain instead.
2:08pm December 14 2014snowbird said: (reply to comment #169431) 
Thanks Senna ,
I prefer snow to rain mainly because when it freezes it's hell in a big city or any other places for that matter.
12:47pm December 15 2014soumen369 said:  
Beautiful but how long these colours can be found ??
3:49am December 16 2014snowbird said: (reply to comment #169474) 
Soumen pretty soon if it's a harsh winter we will see the colors for another month, then just forget it.
3:51am December 16 2014snowbird said: (reply to comment #169431) 
Senna the temperatures are crazy, it rains when it should snow and it's cold in may and june.
3:46pm December 18 2014TONYBBAD said:  
Never say there is nothing beautiful in the world anymore. There is always something to make you wonder in the shape of a christmas tree, Merry Christmas
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