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Just because 

Just because today was a darn cold day -25 with the wind, I went to chase a sundown and landed with this.
I messed up the sundown with my shaky freezing hands.
Just have a peak in full size....


10:23am January 26 2015senna3 said:  
I don't understand the caption, but the result is a beautiful piece of (digital?) art!
1:19pm January 26 2015snowbird said: (reply to comment #171026) 
Good that you like my mess!
1:23pm January 26 2015snowbird said: (reply to comment #171011) 
OK .... original shot was a flute glass with apple juice in front of a lighthouse at the lake that I usually go. So keep in mind first the:
freezing cold
the wind
the super bright sun
the camera shaking from the wind
that's the result.
So technically yes it is a digital play and a little fantasy from my part.
1:24pm January 26 2015snowbird said: (reply to comment #171028) 
Oooopppsss forgot to say "Thank you".
1:58pm January 26 2015soumen369 said:  
A nice creation with so many things in mind !!!!!
2:23pm January 26 2015TONYBBAD said:  
1:43pm January 29 2015snowbird said: (reply to comment #171046) 
Hi Tony, sincerely I have no idea what it is.
1) I started with a glass of white wine. behind a black cardboard
2) Put the hole on a bench facing the sundown near the lake
3) the wind was extremely strong
4) my camera was shaking
so it came out as if I was doing a panning.
10:03pm January 30 2015gafaway said:  
It made a lovely abstract that reminds me of Venician glass...
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