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To all women 

I take this opportunity to wish all female members of this group a 'HAPPY WOMAN'S DAY'.
I know that it is on March 8, but with grandaughters on march school break with me, I might not remember or have a chance to wish all a great day.


8:16pm March 6 2015BrainPain said:  
It's nice to see a flower that has bloomed, spring is coming soon. Happy Woman's Day to all women around the globe.
1:18pm March 7 2015soumen369 said:  
Great dedicated shot on HAPPY WOMAN'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!
2:44pm March 7 2015skybird said:  
ive not heard of that one before snowbird!!..that would sure make a lot of women happy in uk if they had it here!:-))
5:03pm March 7 2015snowbird said: (reply to comment #172882) 
Hi sky ... I'm in a rush so here is something:
8:34pm March 7 2015Snappa said:  
Hi, thank you. We don't have Womens day in UK. Mothers day is the nearest.
9:14am March 8 2015skybird said: (reply to comment #172885) 
thanks snowbird.. yes I think our women would like that:-))
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