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The cold has eased,
the snow there's more than we want,
the wind chases mosquitos away,
and I'm here to photograph the regular photographer of sundowns.

It's a gentleman who every night goes and photograph at the same time, at the same spot.  


10:47am March 4 2015skybird said:  
looks like he has a nice shot there snowbird:-))
1:43pm March 4 2015BrainPain said:  
Nice shot! Perhaps the man is creating a collage.
2:15pm March 4 2015soumen369 said:  
Love the warm sunlight reflected on the snow,perhaps he is a never-satisfied sundown photographer !!!!!!
7:11pm March 4 2015snowbird said: (reply to comment #172804) 
Thanks SK, it sure was nice.
7:12pm March 4 2015snowbird said: (reply to comment #172805) 
BP Next time I go back there & if he is there I will ask him.
7:13pm March 4 2015snowbird said: (reply to comment #172809) 
Soumen I believe you would be right about photographers who are never satisfied with their sundown.
6:56pm March 5 2015Snappa said:  
That's very pretty
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