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Lost nut... 

Tiny bird going for the feeder and lost his nut.... then poof he was gone. 


9:30am March 17 2015skybird said:  
hope he didn't do a nose dive trying to catch it:-))....lovely shot snowbird..
2:06pm March 17 2015soumen369 said:  
A fantastic shot of that falling nut !!!!!
10:00pm March 17 2015snowbird said: (reply to comment #173249) 
Pure luck for me and not so good for the little bird.
10:01pm March 17 2015snowbird said: (reply to comment #173245) 
Thanks SK, no he did not dive, maybe because there was a squirrel not too far.
1:10pm March 18 2015SGKrebs said:  
only one chance for lunch?
2:07pm March 18 2015snowbird said: (reply to comment #173282) 
Now now SG better one chance than going through the McD ... garbage.
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