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Red fox 

I was cooped inside for 2 days and this poor fox is circled with a fence all his life. 


8:32am August 21 2008ashdad said:  
He is beautiful!
3:07am August 22 2008snowbird said: (reply to comment #59391) 
Thanks Ashdad yes he is a real beauty.
9:50am August 22 2008abojovna said:  
He looks like in film! Beautiful work!
12:01pm August 22 2008Tom33 said:  
well-done presentation
5:14pm August 22 2008SGKrebs said:  
Aren't foxes good at digging under fences?
4:44am August 27 2008snowbird said:  
Thanks to all my friends for your comments.
4:00am April 18 2009Wildspirit said:  
There is no sport in cruelty. The fox is a beautiful animal! Great shot!
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