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I am handsome 

This rackoon was joking around & then just ploped down. 


2:07pm November 19 2007Shariisablonde said:  
Awwww..he sure is:-))
2:40am November 20 2007WesternDreams said:  
Ohhhhhhhhhh how funny!!! What a cute little face!
1:13am March 21 2012Wildspirit said:  
Adorable animal! I remember that when I was 3 or 4 years old that my grandfather had one named Johnny...not exactly tame, but came regularly at suppertime to feast on table scraps. We lived across the levee from civilization. Great place to have wild creatures.
9:13am June 22 2015Snappa said:  
Very good capture Rosie. Really sharp.
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