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10:30am February 19 2018helenabrown456 said:  
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10:41am February 19 2018skybird said: (reply to comment #186760) 
at my time of life I am not too bothered about body bulk.....enjoy life:-))
12:37pm February 19 2018soumen369 said:  
Love the wonderful light on the trees !!!!
5:40pm February 19 2018skybird said: (reply to comment #186762) 
Thank you Soumen
2:27am February 22 2018snowbird said:  
SK great shot of light and the slight angle feeling due to the roof of the house!
Well done.
1:24pm February 22 2018skybird said: (reply to comment #186767) 
Unusual and a lovely shot Snowbird.....great!!!!!...........
4:54pm February 23 2018snowbird said: (reply to comment #186761) 
Excellent answer SK. TGIF and have a great w/e.
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