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12:03pm March 17 2017soumen369 said:  
Can't ascertain whose face it is but surely a face with an eye !!!
2:14pm March 17 2017skybird said: (reply to comment #185256) 
Thank you Soumen!!..the top larger cloud looking to the left!!:-)).....
7:28am March 23 2017ROBERTHFDDHFDF said:

A few weeks ago I expressed some interest in RenuGlow.

If you've watched reality TV shows you understand how that works. That isn't simply for serious assistants.

Once your RenuGlow takes off you'll discover this simple. I'm looking forward to anything else pertaining to RenuGlow. I'm trying to find RenuGlow replacement parts or renuGlow can be annoying. I was almost broke at the moment.

Do you understand? Who croaked and made them boss? I am experienced in RenuGlow.

It will continue to change. It's essential to give without expecting anything in return but also maybe I can excite you with my considerable experience on RenuGlow.

5:36am March 26 2017snowbird said:  
Great SK I too see some head but really nothing I can make out at this time (00:35)....
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