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12:28pm November 7 2017soumen369 said:  
A frog in the middle and a bear or fox on the right side,nice find Geoff !!!
4:09pm November 7 2017skybird said:  
Thank you Soumen!!!!!.............
10:59pm November 7 2017snowbird said:  
SK sorry, but this one is giving trouble, I almost see a gun or maybe I'm just too tired to make something out of it. ....
11:52am November 8 2017skybird said:  
Thanks SN....myself I can see a huge fish in the bottom half of the photo, its head looking to the right in photo!!!!:-))........
11:56am November 8 2017skybird said:  
Sorry SN....that should be to the left!!!!!!:-))
1:33pm November 8 2017snowbird said: (reply to comment #186355) 
Eiiii no problem SK, I'm still puzzled by this shot, oh well I'm waiting for your next one to let my fantasy go wild.... (*.*).
8:08pm November 8 2017skybird said:  
Nothing like a bit of fantasy.SN.III:-))......

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