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12:00pm March 22 2017soumen369 said:  
WWWOOOWWW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1:44pm March 22 2017skybird said:  
thanks soumen!!..I am not recommending these into these sun shots!!!.they can be dangerous as you can imagine.....
12:03pm March 25 2017soumen369 said: (reply to comment #185263) 
Yes I know this is dangerous for camera digital chip as well as for eye too.
5:53pm March 25 2017skybird said: (reply to comment #185265) 
thanks soumen you are so right....
5:34am March 26 2017snowbird said:  
Hi ... NEVER photograph straight into the sun very dangerous, and if you look at the cloud it seems that a ray from the sun in hitting his eye and another the top of his head. Well done SK.
11:05am March 26 2017skybird said:  
thanks snowbird....I agree!!....
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