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3:16pm June 24 2017soumen369 said:  
Love it Geoff.
3:26pm June 24 2017skybird said: (reply to comment #185776) 
Thank you soumen!!!...
4:45am June 25 2017snowbird said:  
The "hole" separating two sets of clouds. well done.
10:28am June 25 2017skybird said:  
Thanks SN..a separation!!!:-))...
2:49pm June 28 2017Tinkerbell said:  
What can I see here? Well.....some heavenly spook just been sent down that sort of funnel to come back to earth to haunt someone!
3:16pm June 28 2017skybird said:  
Thanks Tink!!!! I hope that isn't me!!!!:-))....
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