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Rainbow Colours 

Netherlands, near Sassenheim, Mach 2007

Playing with Photoshop.
The original photo was posted at the FT site:

Instructions of Snowbird for improving the skyline:

1)Clean rainbow shot by taking out tree.(cloning)
2)make selection of sky in field.
3)bring rainbow over the sky field.
4)bring down to overlay so that you can see what under it.
5) On the rainbow layer put a mask.
6)choose the mask & brush out as much as possible as to bring back your buildings. Then bring back the opacity to either overlay or natural, but I would choose overlay. Give it a try & compare with mine. Also your buiding shot is a little to short on pixels to really be more precise. Good luck, any other help, just ask.  


2:30pm November 14 2017snowbird said:  
Great editing work and original shot. Do you give tutorial for this beauty Peter?
4:20pm November 14 2017senna3 said: (reply to comment #186382) 
Thanks Rosey.
As to Photoshop, I rmoved the dull sky from the Bulbfield photo and the dull landscape from the rainbow photo. Then I merged the two halves together using the clone tool. If you look at the largest size of the photo above, you can see the imperfections due to the merging process.
4:22pm November 14 2017skybird said:  
beautiful shot!!!!!.....I have never been at the end of a rainbow......
5:11pm November 14 2017snowbird said: (reply to comment #186385) 
Thank you my friend it still a great work. As for imperfections had you not mentioned it I would have never found them, unless I downloaded you shot and scrutinized it with an super attentive eye.
I do see them, but it's easily fixable. but why clone it?
1) you had to fix the new sky
2) Then put your cleaned up landscape making sure all the end field & structure were all intact.
3) Put the rainbow on the merged sky & landscape.

But It's still a FANTASTIC compo & work.
6:21pm November 14 2017senna3 said: (reply to comment #186390) 
Rosey, I am afraid that I don't understand the procedure you suggest.
The two images you want to fit to each other have, respectively, a non-straight upside border and a non-straight bottom border. How do you get a smootth transition between the two images without the cloning tool (or perhaps I should call it the clone-stamp tool as it is called in PS)?
7:23pm November 14 2017snowbird said: (reply to comment #186391) 
Can you put the photo with the rainbow here, I will give it a try & then tell you step-by-step the procedure to be done.
7:58pm November 14 2017senna3 said: (reply to comment #186392) 
Done, I look forward to your result and hope to learn new techniques!
1:49pm November 15 2017soumen369 said:  
Peter both yours and Rosey's creations are amazing,both are spell bounding !!!!!
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