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Don't Look Back 

The North Sea, April 2011

Playing with Photoshop.

Our granndaughter challenges the elements, she just got her swimmimg licence. The original photo was posted at FT:



2:10pm November 13 2017snowbird said:  
Hope the sea was not freezing that day, but she looks great here!
3:26pm November 13 2017skybird said:  
A beautiful shot with that background....great!!!!!........
4:16pm November 14 2017senna3 said: (reply to comment #186377) 
Rosey, she thought she was in a swimming pool in Fontainebleau in midsummer!
4:16pm November 14 2017senna3 said: (reply to comment #186379) 
Thanks Geoff.
7:52pm November 14 2017snowbird said: (reply to comment #186383) 
Dear lord Peter, I would not even dare to go in with those clouds.... never mind the temperature of the water,,, ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr It's nice to be young and feeling nothing (*~*).
1:51pm November 15 2017soumen369 said:  
Another stunning creation of ps from you Peter !!!!
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