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Carving Art 

Shwe Inbin Monastery
Myanmar (Burma), Mandalay, March 2012

Shwe Inbin is a remarkably well preserved teak monastery structure. It was built in 1895 by a Chinese orphan who worked himself up from poverty to become a rich and powerful merchant, married to one of the king’s daughters. Long used as a monastery, it is now being preserved as a historically significant structure; monks from the still-active monastery buildings that surround Shwe Inbin still act as caretakers. The carvings that adorn the teak building, in the traditional Burmese style, are gorgeous. So is the building as a whole: 


2:00pm June 21 2017soumen369 said:  
Marvellous art work viewing in original !!!!
3:09pm June 21 2017snowbird said:  
The artwork, the concept and the ingenuity of the ancient is something (for me at least) say it's lacking today.
Peter this is a piece of art that must be kept for future generations.
2:50pm June 28 2017Tinkerbell said:  
Fantastic artwork Peter. And thanks for the information....
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