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Sunset at Pangkor  

Malaysia, Pangkor Island, April 2011

Pangkor Island is a resort island in Manjung District, Perak, Malaysia. It has a land area of 18km2 and is 3.5 kilometres from Peninsular Malaysia. The interior of the island is forested and is home to 65 reptile species, 17 amphibian species, and 82 total herpetofaunal species. See 


1:27pm March 31 2017soumen369 said:  
Fantastic sky nearby and equally fantastic sunset at the horizon !!!!
5:12pm March 31 2017snowbird said:  
Imagine a long beach chair, a photo camera a little local music and I could pretend to be in paradise... Thanks for sharing Peter.
5:57pm March 31 2017skybird said:  
A beautiful capture Peter!!..
3:44pm April 6 2017senna3 said:  
Thanks Soumen.
3:44pm April 6 2017senna3 said: (reply to comment #185297) 
Thank you Rosey
3:45pm April 6 2017senna3 said: (reply to comment #185299) 
Thank you Geoff.
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