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The Terrible River Horse 

Netherlands, River Eem near Eemdijk, June 2012

Photoshop is addictive!
The hippopotamus (river horse) is taken from the FT entry


3:17am November 17 2017snowbird said:  
Now that's an EXCELLENT compo! and welcome to the addictive club of PS, where only your imagination is the drawback.
8:00am November 17 2017senna3 said: (reply to comment #186423) 
Rosey it is not as bad as it looks. The Hippopotamus is herbivorous and has no interest in young swans! In fact, this image illustrates a story I told our children when they were young:
12:07pm November 17 2017soumen369 said:  
The swans are not at all interested with the hippo,brilliant ps work Peter !!!!
1:43pm November 17 2017snowbird said: (reply to comment #186423) 
Peter I was referring to the excellent PS work of putting the hippo and swans together. ehehheeee that's a great story to tell children, don't be bullied by those who are bigger than you! OK OK I better go & have my coffee before it get's frozen.
8:14pm December 2 2017skybird said: (reply to comment #186424) 
One gulp and they are gone!!!!:-)).....nice one Peter!!!!!.........
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