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gran #3 

I have attempted to fix the photo here.  


4:52pm December 8 2007ohhahhwho said:  
Nicely done Karen.
7:27pm December 8 2007Haw59 said:  
Well done.
4:03pm December 9 2007ashdad said:  
Much better.
6:23pm December 10 2007Ettie said:  
Hey Karen.

Would you mind if I did restoration work on this and put it on my portfolio page? You of course will get credit for the image and can have the repaied image if you want.

6:28pm December 10 2007karen said: (reply to comment #48911) 
I don't mind at all :)
6:38pm December 10 2007Ettie said: (reply to comment #48912) 
cool...hopefully you'll like what i've done. I have a obsession with repairing old photos. I'll get back to you in a bit. :)
2:56am December 28 2007sylvia said:  
She is beautiful! Was she as single minded as she appears>
1:02pm January 6 2008Charlestonchew said:  
The difference before and after is night and day!!! You did a great job restoring the photo!!!
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