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Downtime Notice 

Just a quick word of warning for you - Fotonomy may be down for extended periods over the next few days, as we're in the process of moving servers.

We'll try to make the move as clean as possible, but as you can imagine, we've got a lot of photos and data to move around and testing to do on the new server.

Please don't worry if we disappear for a while. Normal service will be resumed ASAP. Thanks!



12:30pm July 16 2007frann said:  
Good luck!
1:17pm July 16 2007Rob said:  
Try not to break it !
1:09pm July 17 2007karen said:  
moving servers can be tricky - they end up spilling the beans, dropping the pies, splashing drinks everywhere...good luck. wear a hat
2:45pm July 17 2007YearOfTheCat said:  
*holds her breath*
3:46pm July 17 2007dom said:  
Ok, server move has now happened. You are now in a new place. :)

Post a comment here if you notice any oddities.
5:54pm July 17 2007karen said:  


Do I win a prize?
2:36am July 18 2007pueo said:  
umm looks the same to me... that is to say, the site is great.
3:10pm July 19 2007dom said:  
Seems to be working fine. Squashed a couple of minor bugs too.

Don't forget to tag your photos! All of them!
8:31pm July 19 2007yellville said:  
Getting 404's when using back button sometimes....Got a few *page not found* too....
10:47pm July 19 2007Snappa2 said:  
Re oddities. I seem to have two sites now. Snappa2 which is mine..and one just called Snappa
which has just one photo uploaded on it.
Only mentioned it as u said above, to.
10:50pm July 19 2007dom said: (reply to comment #37755) 
yelville: Can you replicate that and give me URLs? Or do a screengrab or something? I can't seem to produce that error.
10:54pm July 19 2007dom said: (reply to comment #37808) 
Snappa2: I think you've had two accounts for quite a while. You originally joined over a year ago and uploaded one photo. Then you signed up again this year. :)
10:06am July 21 2007YearOfTheCat said:  
LOVE the new upload screen! :)
3:11pm July 21 2007potterjo said:  
well you sneaked this move through w/o me noticing : )
11:25am July 22 2007pueo said:  
yay add to albums right on the upload page!
12:56pm July 27 2007LiGi said:  
We'll be patient, LOVE this site!!
5:39am July 31 2007Milibuh said:  
We are waiting here ...
Great site for all of us !!!
4:21am August 5 2007Whatisee said:  
I thought there was something different. When you were doing the moving I was getting ready to go on vacation and only gotten back last Saturday morning. I like being able to tag and but the photos in an album when you upload. Good job
2:51pm August 28 2007Tonylazygit said:  
excellent job Dom, this is a great site...............lots of fun ^5's
10:48pm September 4 2007Tonylazygit said:  
why can't I get EXIF details on my pictures ???????????????
8:18pm September 18 2007dom said: (reply to comment #42254) 
EXIF processing temporarily broke because there was a badly formed JPEG that made everything choke. Should now be fixed.

We've also moved servers again today, so let me know if you spot any anomalies.
1:29pm September 19 2007Tonylazygit said:  
thanks for the update ;)
4:39am October 7 2007pueo said:  
hmm seems to be working ok... no new news eh?
9:34pm October 7 2007Tonylazygit said: (reply to comment #43862) 
I just bought a sonic toothbrush :)
9:34pm October 7 2007Tonylazygit said: (reply to comment #43862) 
now all I need is a sonic tooth ...........................RME
7:00pm October 12 2007fotonomy said: (reply to comment #43862) 
There's new news to report at the moment. When there's new news to report I'll report it here. :)
4:41am October 18 2007pueo said: (reply to comment #43906) 
sonic teeth? sounds noisy.
4:42am October 18 2007pueo said: (reply to comment #44106) 
I'll check back for new news when it happens then.
1:58am February 18 2008pueo said:  
fotothing's been broken for a few days now :(
11:13am February 18 2008dom said: (reply to comment #51583) 
Ah. That explains where all the new people came from.
Hi new people. :)
9:20am August 19 2008beady said:  
Fotonomy is worth the wait
1:34pm March 29 2009yvon said:  
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