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Another new feature for you today: Geo-Tagging (or "Maps" if you prefer).

Put simply, geo-tagging lets you locate your photos on a map. To geo-tag your photos, simply click the "MAP" button to the right of the photo (below the FAVE and EXIF buttons).

You'll then be taken to a map where you can drag the marker around. As soon as you release the marker, the location is saved. Zoom in to the map for greater accuracy when positioning the marker.

When browsing Fotonomy, any photos that have been geo-tagged will have the same MAP button next to them, so you can see exactly where they were taken.

You can also view a world map of geo-tagged photos:

These geographic features are still very much in development, but I wanted to release this now to give you a chance to tag your own photos.

So please take a few minutes to go through your archive and geotag everything you can. The more tagged photos we have, the easier it is for me to work out new and exciting ways to display the data.

Have fun! 


6:49pm September 12 2008frann said:  
Thanks Dom! Great job!

I did some of mine, it works beautifully! Can't see any others yet....
7:10pm September 12 2008dom said: (reply to comment #60223) 
Excellent. If you click on the world map link above (or 'Photo Map' in the Photos menu) you should be able to see my photos in the UK and some of ajft's in Australia and China (his photos have lat/long embedded in the metadata).
11:19am September 18 2008abojovna said:  
Thank you very much !
6:40pm September 21 2008Steve said:  
I'm going through my archive, adding locations where I can.
1:07pm October 21 2008senna3 said:  
Today I started with geo-tagging my photos. It is a marvelous feature Dom, it makes Fotonomy an even more unique photo site, thanks a lot!!!
6:55pm November 10 2008snowbird said:  
I too am starting to geo tagging and it is always so interesting to see, thanks Dom for this feature from me also.
2:35am November 12 2008Victor said:  
Sme cameras ar enow offering build in geo tag. Coolpix p80 ? Wonder if this would do it automatically?
3:01am November 18 2008Poulet said:  
Thanks Dom!
I did some of mine.
4:53pm November 18 2008crunch61 said:  
Thanks Dom, this is a great feature, and have started using it on a lot of my photos now!
6:08pm January 23 2009ivanost said:  
Thank you for another wonderful chance to set the photo ..:)
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