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Full Screen 

A quick update for you.

You can now view any photo "full screen" (within your browser, at least) simply by clicking on it. This gives a nice quick way of viewing a photo in greater detail without downloading the original.

I've also added a couple of other little features. "Most interesting" can now be browsed by week, month or year, and the member directory can be sorted by username or when the person was last online.

Oh - and a quick reminder to all you new people. Don't forget to show some love by using the 'faves' button regularly. This also helps generate the 'most interesting' list, so use it to help publicise the best photos on Fotonomy.

That's all. :) 


8:00pm June 16 2007SteveM said:  
Cool! Testing note: After I view the full screen image, the Back button (at least in Firefox) takes me back to the fotonomy home page instead of the original photo...
8:10pm June 16 2007dom said: (reply to comment #32422) 
Yeah, it will do as you're not actually going to a new page when you view a full screen image.. you're still on the same page.

Just click the photo to go 'back'.
3:05am June 17 2007ashdad said:  
Great new feature! Thanks Dom.
5:39am June 17 2007Poulet said:  
Thanks Dom, it's great!
It works out great with IE, Dom. It shown on a new window (is it corrected?) and I like it that way.
11:09am June 17 2007dom said: (reply to comment #32525) 
It's not a new window - it uses Javascript to simply overlay the large image on the page. That should make it a little faster than opening a new page in a new window.
12:06pm June 17 2007yellville said:  
Ohhhhhhhhhhh NEAT
1:01pm June 17 2007Poulet said: (reply to comment #32539) 
Thanks Dom. It works fine now!
9:20pm June 17 2007Coyote said:  
I love this feature! Thank you :-)
11:27am June 18 2007pueo said:  
wow fun new features! Thanks Dom!
3:20pm June 18 2007supercarrie said:  
cool stuff
4:04pm June 18 2007CeterusParibus said:  
the image doesn't come up full screen for me - I get a solid black block above some white space - I'm using IE6
6:15pm June 18 2007dom said: (reply to comment #32815) 
Thanks - I'll look into that - although you may want to upgrade your browser anyway.
2:45pm June 19 2007billhaack said: (reply to comment #32830) 
Hey Dom, what happened to all my photos?
Albums are gone too!
3:48pm June 19 2007dom said: (reply to comment #32977) 
10:43pm June 19 2007abojovna said:  
This is convenient thing, thank you, Dom!
I should need know how size of photo is optimum for upload ?
11:26pm June 19 2007CeterusParibus said: (reply to comment #32830) 
thanks, dom - works with IE6 now :)
9:33am June 20 2007dom said: (reply to comment #33064) 
abjanova: It's best to upload your photos in their full, original size.
9:35am June 20 2007dom said: (reply to comment #33070) 
CP: There's a bug in IE6, but I've implemented a "work around" to get it to kind-of work. But it works better and looks nicer in IE7,Firefox, Opera or Safari. :)
2:24pm June 20 2007CeterusParibus said: (reply to comment #33176) 
got the hint, dom .. I'll schedule a look at IE7 :)
5:37pm June 20 2007abojovna said: (reply to comment #33175) 
Thank you , Dom. My nickname abojovna is very old, it was idea of my friend,editor of my articole at his website; "A" mean Alexandra /my name is Claudia/ and "bojovna" = woomen of big courage ... :-)Have a nice day!
10:54pm June 20 2007PhotoPro said: (reply to comment #32978) 
Thank you Dom -I was having a "Senior moment"......
3:26pm June 23 2007Deguisse said:  
Great job Dom.
I have a suggestion: The recently uploaded, have it only show the latest picture uploaded per person so it will always be 5 different people names and last picture showing.
I feel like i am "flooding" uploading 5 pictures in a row. :)
2:12pm June 26 2007dom said: (reply to comment #33705) 
Don't feel like you're flooding it.
At some point, I probably will make that change, but not just yet. I think it keeps the front page 'moving' a bit more in its current form.
3:07pm June 26 2007Deguisse said: (reply to comment #34123) 
one more suggestion:
This is a Free forum host. Maybe a temp forum for suggestions, errors, etc.
phpBB & IPB type forums.
4:00pm June 28 2007dom said: (reply to comment #34125) 
I'm not sure there's enough users to sustain an active forum at the moment. I will implement forums at some point, but until then, you can just post here. :)
5:11pm July 8 2007ndouvid said:  
dear dom, this site really runs smoothly and gracefully. as a long time fotolog and flickr person, i'm noticing that you do it better.
can i have more than one fotonomy acct?
3:03pm July 9 2007dom said: (reply to comment #35399) 
I wouldn't encourage it, but multiple accounts isn't against the rules if you need to do that. Just sign up using a different email address.
4:06pm September 27 2007ShinobiAC said:  
Don't add something that's awesome. THANK YOU REVERSE DOM
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