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Version 1.0 

Well it's taken a little while (ahem!) but Fotonomy has now reached version 1.0!

Most of the back-end code that drives the site has been completely rewritten, but the biggest change you'll notice is the new "private messaging" system, which allows you to stay in touch with other users.

I know it's obvious, but please remember to be respectful to other users when using private messaging other users. We all want Fotonomy to continue to grow into a place where everyone can share their photography in a friendly and fun environment. With that in mind, I won't hesitate on taking action against anyone who uses private messaging for abuse, harassment or spam.

Other changes to the site include a general tidy-up of the interface (the tabs are now at the top of the page, rather than to the right of a photo), full-page profiles and a more intuitive way to add/edit albums and tags.

There are so many changes, that I'm quite sure there will be a few bugs too, so I'm calling this "version 1.0 beta" . Do please let me know if you find any bugs (leave a comment or send me a message) and let me know if you've got any ideas for version 1.1! :) 


4:50pm September 5 2008Pewari said:  
Looks fantastic - excellent work!
7:52pm September 5 2008frann said:  
Good job! Thanks for all the hard work!
1:41am September 6 2008DGM said:  
Very very good!!!
4:33am September 6 2008ashdad said:  
Thanks for the updates. Great job!
5:56am September 9 2008SteveM said:  
Looking good. Thanks!
9:42am September 10 2008abojovna said:  
Thank you!
10:22am September 10 2008DavidR said:  
its perfect, as simple as it is
5:58pm September 10 2008PennyLane said:  
I like it! It looks great! But. . .can you only upload one photo at a time? Was it always that way? I've been away from it for a while and I don't remember.
6:06pm September 10 2008dom said: (reply to comment #60116) 
One photo at a time has always been the way. Multiple uploads is on the to-do list though.
4:35am September 12 2008pkblues said:  
Thanx for the's looking great !!!
11:22am September 18 2009Balsamo2009 said:  
I only take one picture at a time :)
7:48pm May 3 2010Balsamo2009 said:  
by the time I've prepared another glass plate I've usually lost the light :(
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