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We now have basic tagging functionality on Fotonomy.

If you don't know, tags are simply keywords that describe your photos, and help with searching. You can view the most common tags on Fotonomy by selecting "Browse Tags" from the photos menu.

At the moment, we don't have a lot of tagged photos, but I will work on some advanced search functionality once more people start tagging their photos.

Right now, it'd be really useful if you could spend a little time going through your photos and tagging them. Just click the 'Edit Tags' button to the right of your photo. It only takes a few seconds, and makes the site a whole lot more fun to use for everyone.

As always, if you spot any problems, let me know in the comments below. 


3:29pm July 11 2007potterjo said:  
seems to work just fine for me...just have to remember to click update tags duh. : )

3:34pm July 11 2007dom said: (reply to comment #36088) 
I'm planning on making changes to the upload page so you can add titles/tags when uploading. Should help. :)
2:09am July 12 2007frann said:  
It looks like a tag needs to be used twice to be on the "list". Is there a problem with member names being used as tags? I have two pictures of molly and pennylane, but they're not coming up on the list.
2:17am July 12 2007dom said: (reply to comment #36351) 
Well the list is just the most common tags. As more people tags stuff, it'll take more tags to be included in the list.

It's displaying a maximum of 100 tags, so at the moment, some tags with 2 photos are on the list, some aren't. But you can always just use the search box to jump to a particular tag (and as I said, I'll add some more advanced search features later).

I don't think there's a problem using names as tags - people will end up using whatever they want anyway. And that's the point of it.
11:26pm July 13 2007karen said:  
I love the shape of the tags! I love em! love em love em love em!!
11:28am July 14 2007Poulet said:  
Thanks Dom, it works fine for me!
11:47am July 14 2007dom said:  
11:42pm July 19 2007podiluska said:  
I'm try to tag this as Beach Hut, but even though I don't enter the commas (ie: Beach, Hut) it classes them as two different tags. Is this by design?
12:31pm July 24 2007fotonomy said: (reply to comment #37830) 
It is, yes. Try joining the words together. I would suggest the tags beach, hut, beachhut for this.
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